Young Flowers buried his wealth on the family plantation before he went off to be killed.

lost treasure plantation

James Edward Flowers was killed during the Civil War at the Battle of Fort Pillow, Tennessee, April 12, 1864. He was 21 years old. He took with him’ to the grave the secret of the hiding place of an estimated $3,200 in gold and silver.
Flowers lived with his mother on the Flowers plantation which is located on what is now Vadain Road, about three miles from Kilmichael, Mississippi, in Montgomery County.
Young Flowers and his mother did not enjoy the best of relations. When his father died several years earlier, Young Flowers inherited a share of the plantation profits, which displeased his mother very much. From this time on their personal relations had gone downhill.
Flowers joined the Confederate Army at the outbreak of the war, but before he left he took most of his money and buried it somewhere on the plantation grounds. He told his Aunt, Mrs. Bessie Tate, what he had done but not where he had buried it. His mother also knew he had buried the money because she caught him going outside with a small iron pot full of coins a few nights before he was to leave. Flowers became quite irate and told his mother, “Stay in the house until I get back!”
A few years ago, I stopped briefly by this old plantation while on my way to Florida. It is now owned by Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Love. The house has been remodeled some, but it remain’s quite like it was when the Flowers lived there.
Mr. Love was quite willing to have me make a search for the treasure. I had to pass on his cordial invitation, as my time was quite limited. After viewing the area of the plantation yards, I knew that a search would take some length of time, so I told him that I would return at some other time when I could give the search the attention it merited. Thus far, I’ve not been able to get back.
One might find this treasure in a few minutes, or it might take several weeks, but it would certainly be worth the effort for someone to try and retrieve the gold

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