What’s Your Swinging Technique?

One day I was sitting on a bench on the boardwalk along the beach, off in the distance I could see a guy and his metal detector working his way down the shoreline toward me. So I studied and observed him and as he got closer I noticed his swinging technique was downright lousy.

So bad in fact that I strongly felt compelled to go help the poor fellow out. He was swinging the coil at least 6 inches off the ground, swung in a 180 degree circular fashion and what really bothered me the most was his swing arched way up on an angle at the end of each swing.

I approached him and asked him if he found anything good and he showed me a couple coins that he pulled from his apron. I asked him how long he has been in the hobby and he said around 20 years. Well his answer shocked and amazed me to say the least. Then, I proceeded to tell and show him to swing only in front of him, overlap and swing side to side in a somewhat straight line and actually scrub the ground with the coil. That’s what coil covers are made for, right? This way maximum depth can be achieved, as long as you have your detector set right too.

After a little practice he was beginning to get the swing of it (no pun intended), he then smiled and thanked me and went on his merry way. He obviously was a loner and not affiliated with any club or his mistakes would have been pointed out to him. Anyway, as he was working his way down the beach, I noticed something that he wasn’t doing before. He was digging a lot more now.metal detecting proper swing

Later on, I see him running up to me with a big old grin from ear to ear and he opened up his hand. In his palm was a big, beautiful mans 14K diamond ring. He said it was pretty deep and he would have never found it if I didn’t instruct him the proper swing technique. I’m glad I made another TH’er happy and it made me feel pretty good too.

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