Water Hunting Treasure Zones

Water Hunting Treasure Zones

Several people visiting the site recently have asked me where the best area is to find jewelry in the water.

As I have tried to do in other sections, when people ask for a certain topic or subject to be covered, I try to fit it into the next available issue – so that’s this month’s topic for water hunting

As far as where you find the most, there are three areas which typically produce of a consistent basis. First, the area from the edge of the water out to a depth of a foot or less. Why would this area possibly be productive you might ask? Well, take a look at the beach the next time you go there and see who is in that area. Mothers (and occasionally fathers) playing with their small children. Of course they make sure the kids have sun tan lotion on them before they get into the water and with the usual splashing and playing – guess what comes right off – jewelry. I remember hunting a popular beach with a friend of mine who had just gotten into water hunting. While I went out into the deeper water he stayed right at the water’s edge. After a hour or so I came in to get a drink and see how he was doing. Opening his pouch he pulled out seven – yes 7 gold rings – including 3 diamond engagement rings! So don’t ignore the shallow water.

The next productive area is waist deep water which is where older kids and adults tend to congregate and frolic around. Throwing Frisbee and balls, doing head stands, and just general horsing around will do wonders for adding to the amount of jewelry a beach will hold. And, even if someone knows they lost something, finding it will be almost impossible.

The third area where most water hunters miss out on is the area just over your head. Getting the goodies here will require diving but if it has not been hit before – you could be in for a pleasant surprise. Other articles in this section cover the use of a hookah and I recommend you read it over if you are even remotely considering diving for treasure.

Hopefully this will give you some tips to plan out your water hunting trips for the coming summer. Let me know how you do.

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