Water Hunting – Productive Sites for Treasure!

Beach and Shallow Water Hunting  РTry Those Informal Sites for Treasure!

Most water hunters make plans all summer to hit the large, well-known beaches near their homes after they close for the season. Unfortunately, they are not alone and the competition at these sites has increased to the point where you can typically see 50+ treasure hunters in the water the day after the beach closes for the season. While there are still coins and other valuables to be found, the increased attention has caused the pie to be cut up into smaller and smaller pieces meaning each hunter is finding fewer valuables each year.

Well, if you are becoming somewhat discouraged with the quantity and quality of the finds you are making nowadays, try getting off the beaten track. Some of the most productive sites I have visited recently have been small, almost unknown sites found near virtually any community in the U.S. These swimmin’ holes don’t have lockers or lunch counters but they do get sufficient traffic from the local teenagers and young adults to make them worth searching.

Some of the sites I am talking about include a rope swing over a hole in the local creek, or a strip of sand at the end of a lonely dirt road on a pond or lake. Again, if there is ANY body of water nearby, chances are there is (or was) a swimming site popular with the locals.

Finding these sites is often as simple as asking a teenager where he or she goes swimming in the summer. If they mention a well-known beach, ask them if they know of an informal site such as the ones described above. You might be surprised at the number of sites you can find that you never knew about.

And don’t pass up the older folks in your community – they were young once and finding the spots where they once swam could net you some silver coins and older pieces of jewelry. I have hunted several of these older, long-forgotten sites that have extremely productive. My brother found small informal beach in New York and recovered dozens of early date coins as well as several rings including a 1918 class ring.

Hopefully this information will lead you to a few untouched sites that will be productive for you – If they help, how about dropping me an E-mail message and let me know how you did?

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