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Looking for New Treasure Diving Equipment?

With the warm weather upon us – the treasure diving and water detecting bug is sure to set in. Many of us face the
expense of replacing some of the equipment that didn’t survive the toll last season took on it. Well, while we would all prefer not to need to make those purchases, there are a few ways that can save you money if you need to make them. These include the following:


Your local dive shop should be your first stop in re-fitting for the season. While you might be tempted to pick up the latest, “new-fangled” piece of scuba equipment or treasure diving gear that catches your eye, stop and wait. Try a few of the following ideas to save some of your hard-earned capital:

- Ask the clerk if they have any of last years models left. Often a manufacturer will simply change a color or some other minor cosmetic feature and call it a new and improved version. While an effective marketing technique, you can usually buy the older model for a considerable discount and not sacrifice anything in terms of performance.
- Ask if the shop has any floor models or demo units for sale. Unless it is a regulator (and even then if it has only been in the case it should be OK), you can save money and get virtually the same thing someone else does when they get it still in the box.
- While the end of the season is usually better for this idea, ask if there is any rental gear for sale. Even regulators are fair game here as they will have been fully serviced before you buy it and typically, you can save up to 60% off of what a new one would cost.
- If you are looking for something that the shop has to order see if it would save you any money to wait until they need to place a larger order and then include your item on it. A week or two may give you a savings of 10% or more.


treasure diving gearAs in any business, buying online causes a controversy in terms of those that say stay local while others say go the web for the price. Price is an important factor in making your treasure diving purchase; however, keep in mind, that saving money buying a product of lesser quality may prove life-threatening in the water! Even so, mail order companies do provide a large number of divers with their equipment and have developed solid reputations. The following ideas should help you in dealing online scuba diving equipment buying:

 - When buying any product mail order (especially dive equipment), it is worth checking with the Better Business Bureau in the area of the shop to see if there are any complaints outstanding against it. Another way to check on them is to ask fellow divers to see if any have had dealings with the shop in the past and if so, what their experience was. Remember – simply having a large display ad in a magazine or a big dive web site does NOT mean there will be no problems with your order.
- Avoid buying items where comfort of fit is critical through the net. These include face masks, some flippers, etc. Since you will quickly forget what you saved buying through the mail if the equipment does not fit properly, these items should be purchased locally.
- Ask the mail order companies some of the same questions you would ask a local shop such as those listed above. They may also have some older models that would serve your needs at an additional savings.
- To avoid problems in getting the wrong items, make sure use a reputable site

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