Take Time To “Read” Terrain

 Using Your Metal Detecting Experience and Knowledge

I think we can all recall some rather disoriented and random metal detecting searches as we began our pastime of coin and relic hunting. As trips afield with our detectors increased, so did our detecting experience and knowledge gained from each and every one of them.
Today, I would far rather remain outside of some old abandoned home or out building, than enter to search for potential finds. When first arriving at a spot to be searched, I take ample time to merely scan the area with my eyes, trying to envision how it may have looked when at it’s peak of useage.
For example, the yard may now be overgrown with weeds, strewn with assorted trash, but, I ‘see’ the manicured lawn of yesterday, and then try to discern where the children may have played, where the adults may have held their outdoor gatherings on hot, summer evenings…
Go to these places of activity, for it is there, you will stand the most chance of finding ‘treasures’ lost decades ago….. As for seeking out the coffee tin full of ‘egg money’, seek out areas such as old barnyards, and if you can find where the old feed trough had been, search closely there…
Usually, folks secreting their little ‘stash’ would opt to bury or conceal them in such a place as to be able to constantly monitor the location merely by glancing from a window of the house, and likewise, normal movement of cattle, pigs, etc. would quickly disguise any sign of a container being removed and reburied….
Large ancient shade trees also offer a wealth of opportunity, for it was these places families would gather at on hot summer evenings, reveling in the coolness afforded by the lofty branches giving shade and shelter from baking summer heat.
Yes, look into the world of ‘yesterday’, and THEN begin your search… I have used this method for years now, and find it usually pays off!
Good luck, and may all your trips bring home a fat pouch of ‘keepers’!

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