Offer Your Locating Skills to Access New Sites

How many of you have seen a promising looking site such as a pay-to-swim beach or a private swim club and have then received a resounding NO when you tried to get permission to search it? Well, considering that the owners of these sites have nothing to gain and everything to loose (if you decide to sue them for a mistake on you part), is it any wonder that you are greeted coldly at best?

Before you give up after a few tries and go back to hunting the nearby public beach or city along with a dozen otherĀ  hunters, try a few a the tips presented below.

Get some business cards printed up identifying you and describing your activity in terms of a service that you can offer; i.e., locate lost valuables, etc. People will trust you more if you are willing to leave your name and phone number and having a business card adds an air of credibility to your request.
Spend a few dollars and have a lawyer draft up a liability release form that you can give to the property owner. The release should relieve the owner of any liability for injuries you suffer for reasons under your control; i.e., equipment failure, not being an experienced diver, etc. Don’t try to write one of these yourself since you will be signing a legally binding document and you will want to make sure that you do not give up all of your rights to simply get into a site and hunt it. The money you spend getting a professionally done document prepared will be a great tool for getting owners to allow you access to their property.
Offer to return any items which patrons have reported loosing. If you are told of ANY item and you are lucky enough to find it, stand behind your word and turn it in. A friend of mine recently found a $2,500 diamond ring that the owner of a small private beach had told him about. As hard as it was, he did the right thing and turned it in. The owner was truly impressed with his honesty and has given him exclusive permission to continue hunting the beach
Leave cards with beaches in your area. If patrons loose an item during the season, the owner will have a way to get in touch with you. Once you are contacted to search for one item, chances are quite good that you will find other valuables.
In summary, present yourself in a professional light and many of the sites that have been off-limit to hunters before you could be your own personal hunting ground.

Hopefully this information will lead you to a few untouched sites that will be productive for you – If they help, how about dropping me an E-mail message and let me know how you did?

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