Metal Detecting Newer (young) Sites

Hunting New Sites . . .Like most coinhunters I had rather hunt older sites where the possibility of finding silver coins exist, but I also enjoy metal detecting newer with less history sites such as schools, parks, playgrounds, and swimming areas.

detecting new sitesThe benefits of hunting newer sites is that jewelry items are more plentiful and most of us have a place within five minutes of home that can be searched. Just down the street from my home is an elementary school that was built in the late 1970′s. We searched it for the first time in 1991 and was amazed when we totaled the coins we found. There was almost two hundred dollars in face value plus several small gold rings. Several coins dating back to the early 1900′s were also found as were various tokens, at about the same depths as the newer coins. When I only have a few minutes I head there and usually find a couple of bucks with an occaisional gold jewelry item and also an older coin from time to time. Evidently some of the kids get into their parents coin collection.

A couple of times a year a circus or carnival will come to town and periodically a rodeo or horse show will be held at the livestock grounds. A lot of coins are found when they leave. Mostly quarters and dimes turn up,
but every once and awhile a nice jewelry item will appear. A couple of years ago a circus located on a large field by the high school. I went out just as the sun was coming up the morning after it left. To get to the field I had to walk toward the rising sun and as I got close I could see what appeared to be hundreds of shiny spots on the ground. When I got there I found that it was coins shining in the sun. The concession area had been located there and the ground was covered with coins, mostly quarters. A detector was not even necessary.

There is a small fresh water beach a few miles away, and I hunt it a couple of times every summer. Even though it is hunted regularly by a couple of other guys, I always find a good number of coins and a few jewelry items. I was hunting it with a Garrett Freedom III Plus two years ago when a young lady with seven small children in tow arrived. She had to be a babysitter because she was too young to be their mother. The kids, the oldest appeared to be about nine and the youngest maybe three or four, made straight for me. I let them trail after me and dig and keep the coins I found. After a few minutes all of them except a little boy about five or so had tired of metal detecting and headed for the water. The boy was totally enthralled with detecting. He soon learned that when the detector made a bell sound that it was probably a pull tab or penny, but that when it made a flat sound it was most likely a nickel. Apparently the other guys who hunted it used high discrimination because there were lots of nickels. He didn’t like digging the pull tabs, but got very excited every time he heard the flat tone. I would pinpoint the target and let him dig it as I went on detecting. He had dug two nickels in a row when I got another flat tone. I pinpointed it for him and walked a few more steps before looking back to see if he had found it. I turned to see him throw something down. I asked if it was a nickel and he said, “No, it was just an old ring”. I went back and located it again and he was right, it was an old ring. It was a ladies 14k heart shaped ring with five small diamonds.

As I said earlier, I prefer hunting older sites, but when I don’t have much time I don’t mind going to a newer site and digging clads. I dig zinc pennies also, who knows when one will turn out to be a huge gold ring. If you have just a few minutes to detect, try a new school or park. You just might be surprised by what you find.

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