Metal Detecting Boy Scout Camps

Boy Scout Camps Offer Good Coin Hunting Metal Detecting Opportunities

Metal detecting at Boy Scout camps is unlike any other type of treasure hunting. You can be certain that active boys have been playing here with the usual results. Coins and other lost articles, such as neckerchief slides and pocket knives, can usually be found in abundance.

Each camp is unique, however, and finds will vary widely from camp to camp. At El Rancho Cima, west of San Marcos, for example, approximately 15% of the coins found will be quarters with the remainder a mixture of cents, dimes and nickels. At Camp Karankawa, near Corpus Christi, Lincoln cents are found almost exclusively with quarters being a rarity.

At Camp Strake in Conroe a good variety of coins and artifacts can be found with a number of them being wheat cents. Camp Strake is a fairly old camp and accounts for the number of older coins (some silver) that can still be found.

detecting and treasure coin hunting boy scout campsAnother feature of Boy Scout camps is the lack of trash in comparison with school yards, parks and other typical public sites. Before a troop can check out of a Scout Camp, its campsite be policed for trash and inspected by the Camp Ranger. Everyone stays until the Ranger is satisfied that all trash has been cleaned up and removed.

Of course, you still may dig a poptop or two because even Boy Scouts have been known to bury items rather than bother taking them to the trash can.

It is important that no hunting ever be attempted on Scout camps without permission from the Camp Ranger or Camp Director. Since the appearance of the camp is so important extra pains must be taken to fill all holes and to make certain that ground cover, such as leaves and pine needles, is replaced to prevent erosion.

Another tip: pay close attention to make certain that attendants don’t leave and lock the gates…with you left inside!

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