Looking for New Sites? How About Running An Ad?

This edition will cover a technique that I first heard about from a fellow metal detecting enthusiast yet after I shared it with several other treasure hunters, their success has mirrored his.

The group of treasure hunters¬† have found that the most obvious sites have been hunted by others before them and in many cases, the pickin’s were pretty slim. In an effort to find more productive metal detecting sites, they turned to hunting private yards. While driving around and knocking on the door of a promising looking house has resulted in a number of interesting and valuable finds over the last year or two, they felt there had to be a more efficient way to locate and gain permission to hunt these older homes.

After rejecting several ideas, they finally decided to run a small classified ad in the local paper that read:


The first day the ad ran they received 12 calls from people wanting more information. After explaining their interest in metal detecting and what type of objects they routinely found in peoples yards, 9 of the callers invited them to come over and search their yards. The ad ran for a total of 7 days and as a result, my brother and his partners received invitations to hunt 26 private yards. In less than half the cases did the property owner want any of the items recovered. Considering the first site the search which dated back to the 1870′s produced several coins from the early to mid 1800′s along with a Victorian brooch, the modest cost of the ad was more than justified.

Other treasure hunters that have tried this technique have reported similar success in other parts of the country. So if you are looking for an innovative way to locate new sites to search, try placing a simple ad in your local newspaper and wait for the invitations to come rolling in.
Do you have any unique sites that have been productive? How about sharing

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