Among detectorists today there are those who generally fall into either one of two ways of thinking about discrimination settings. Not to forget those with discrimination knobs and those with notches to set on or off for selective trash avoidance. Many try to factor in just a little discrimination to ignore nails and bottlecaps while they grin and bear it and dig up aluminum caps and pulltabs. I think it has to do with greed. For those who are sure that gold coins, buried treasure and gold and diamond jewelry abound in the yard where they dig they must avoid discrimination and go for the gold, while those of us who realize that you just can’t find anything but new coins anymore just ignore all the treasure just to find a lot of coins. I speak as the latter because I fashion myself as a realist I must admit that I have been doing some r-e-t-h-i-n-k-i-n-g! My buddy hunts for rings while I just scan for quarters and such. I have considered that of all of the many places that I have hunted there are some places with almost “NO TRASH” where I have found considerable coins and cleaned it out. In those clean places of high activity I believe that they are worth going over again ignoring only iron junk and digging everything else. I just came back from my favorite coin hunting yard where I switched to very low discrimination and surprise I found a nice gold trinket including about $2.23 that I left before. I do not believe that it is the right thing to do everywhere you go detecting because my friend spends way too much time digging up all of that trash while I am putting coins in my pocket. But your cleanest sites of large finds deserve another going over.

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