A Day in the Life of a Treasure Hunter

The following time-line, while purely fictitious, has probably happened at least in part to many of us. We hope you find the story amusing yet see that proper planning and selection of a site can make the difference between success and failure in the field.

  • 3:00am – Alarm clock rings
  • 4:00am – Treasure hunting partner arrives and drags me out of bed
  • 4:30am – Throw everything into the car except the kitchen sink
  • 4:35am – Leave for hunt site
  • 5:00am – Drive back home for metal detector
  • 6:00am – Finally arrive at the hunt site
  • 6:15am – Hike to far side of site where I heard good finds were coming from
  • 6:16am – Found batteries are dead. Left the detector on in car so head back to car for replacements
  • 6:30am – Head back to hunting spot
  • 6:45am – First signal of the day – switched to pinpoint and discovered that one battery was in backwards
  • 7:05am – Another good signal
  • 7:06am – First plunge with the digger hits a tree root as big as your leg
  • 7:07am – Discover the signal is definitely underneath the tree root
  • 7:15am – Broke digging tool trying to get to signal
  • 7:16am – Went back to car for spare digger
  • 7:30am – Still digging under the same tree root
  • 7:45am – Hit metal, started working slowly with digger
  • 7:55am – Edge of target visible – looks like a silver dollar – heart stops, breathing becomes labored
  • 8:00am – Retrieve target – lid off a Vienna sausage can
  • 8:01am – Fill in hole. Wonder what I’m doing here. Could have stayed home and slept late.
  • 8:05am – Finally a good target 5 inches deep – a 1982 zinc penny
  • 9:05am – Becoming violently upset – decide to change spots
  • 9:15am – New spot not much better – now have 12 cents
  • 9:20am – Decide to search for partner and suggest loading up and looking for a new site
  • 9:40am – Found posted sign on the property we have been hunting all morning
  • 9:55am – Give up in disgust – went to sit in car and wait for partner
  • 11:36am – Partner comes back to car for lunch
  • 11:45am – Partner shows me his finds: 10 silver dimes, 3 silver quarters, 6 silver halves, a silver pocket watch and a handful of Indian Head pennies
  • 11:46am – Have now lost appetite but partner convinces me to eat anyway. Says I’ll need my strength
  • NOON – Now I remember where I last saw my lunch – at home on the kitchen counter
  • 12:10pm – Partner laughs when I decide to gear up and hunt some more
  • 12:15pm – Discover cold leftover coffee is really not that bad
  • 12:30pm – Partner and I head back to his hot spot
  • 1:00pm – Turn on detector and start hunting
  • 1:10pm – Discover that cold leftover coffee makes an excellent laxative
  • 1:11pm – Turn off detector and look for privacy
  • 1:35pm – Ready to go again, look for partner
  • 1:45pm – Partner unearthed a gold diamond ring – resist urge to kill him on the spot
  • 2:00pm – Calmed down long enough to start hunting again
  • 2:30pm – No targets – ask partner where he hasn’t been yet
  • 2:35pm – Partner points to an area ahead of him
  • 2:37pm – Get a signal
  • 2:40pm – Find a silver dime – first good find of the day even if is so worn I can’t read anything on it
  • 3:15pm – Ask partner if he would swap detectors for awhile
  • 3:16pm – Partner agrees (great guy) and now the luck will all be mine
  • 3:23pm – Partner signals that he just found an 1880 silver dollar in extra fine condition in the spot I just came from. I thought it was a can!
  • 4:00pm – Decide it’s not my day – but there’s always tomorrow
  • 4:10pm – Discuss with partner about calling it a day. Partner agrees
  • 4:45pm – Arrive back at the car, warn partner I have heard enough about his finds for one day
  • 4:55pm – Discover that I’ve lost my car keys
  • 5:00pm – Pumping brain – where are they?
  • 5:15pm – Panic. Partner suggests that they could be where I needed privacy earlier
  • 5:17pm – Strike off in a dead run, can’t find the right set of bushes
  • 5:40pm – Found car keys – had to wash them and me off before heading back to the car.
  • 6:00pm – Drive home threatening to kill partner if he evens says one word to me.
  • 6:55pm – Thrown metal detector off overpass onto interstate – never look back as I drive home!


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