Fighting Trash When Metal Detecting Parks

Common Sense Approach To Metal Detecting (trashy) Parks

The first and best way to combat the trash filled  parks when metal detecting is to start at home, have a quality “test garden” with not just good targets but also having a well stocked “Trash Garden” will help you familiarize yourself with how your detector reacts with the most common pieces of trash you expect to find will go along why in making you park detecting trip an enjoyable . And be sure to practice using a slower rather than a faster swing during hunting.  And, do keep the coil parallel  and not more than 2 inches from the surface.

metal detecting parks

Pull Tabs The Sucurge of Park Metal Detecting

There has to be at least 500 Zillion pull-tabs are in the ground today!

pull tab minelab sov gt tonesThere are over 250 different varieties to deal with, some having three metal alloys and two weld spots. The best way to deal with these little critters is not to eliminate all of them! When I arrive at a park site I dig the first twenty signals;all of them. I look at each piece and then set my main course of action. Taking a sample really does help you to size up the area insofar as the type of junk you intend to reject. After you dig the first twenty items, and much will most likely be junk, take a moment or two and give yourself the time for a real good look at the pull tabs just recovered. Usually, most of them will be of a certain type. Use this one(or two if there is a close tie) and set your detector to reject them. Do not set your detector so the unit gives no sound at all when ever it locates one of these selected pull tabs, but to have your unit make a sound which tells you, the digger, that this target is like the pull tab sample you want to eliminate from having to dig for. What you are now doing is rejecting a ‘class’ type of pull tabs from this area. When people come to a park they buy certain types of canned sodas, beer, etc. The types of throw away pull tabs do not change every month or so, they usually remained the same for many, many years;.its very expensive to keep changing the machinery needed to manufacture them.

So, by eliminating a particular ‘class’ of pull tabs you are in effect rejecting hundreds and thousands of these pesky items at the area you are about to hunt. You will no doubly accept other ‘class’ types;and if there are many of these, then reject them like you did the others you found in your ‘sampling’. This way of accepting targets makes way for allowing the larger gold items to be accepted along with the many coin types. See??

Sometimes, but not often, there is such a wide spectrum of trash buried where you want to hunt. Such areas just seem impossible to make heads or tales from all the ‘blips’ and ‘blaps’ heard. Not to worry! This happens often enough when metal detecting most parks. When my sampling tells me there is an over abundance of trash at the location I am at, there are two ways in which I will tackle the situation.

  1. If I have plenty of time remaining to hunt this area, I will mark off a small, dedicated section and proceed to dig everything that lies within its boundaries. The top layer of trash will soon give way to those long hidden targets untouched by earlier detectorists who had given up due to frustration and impatience. I will usually make a mental note of the exact place which I had just performed this ‘power search’; for when I return I’ll just pick up right next to it;if worthy of this type of hunting technique.
  2. Another method I employ to hunt trashy parks, especially when I know I will not be likely return for a good number of months, is to set my detector to detect the higher end signals associated with copper and silver coins and jewelry. Using such a setting on my detector allows me the pleasant task of whistling away as I merrily go about pushing the coil around like a vacuum cleaner among the picnic tables and benches.

What I’ve just related here with regards to park hunting has taken me many years to work out until I felt that this way works pretty much for metal detecting at most parks in general, or where ever a high concentration of people congregate on a regular basis. I hope this helps other hobbyists to get a jump start when coin shooting such areas in the very near future. Above all, remember that metal detecting is a hobby, its past time benefits all, even the parks… for when trash is taken out of the ground and placed in the ‘trash’ section of your treasure apron, the trash is taken out of the park when the hunter leaves.

One more thing. Have FUN metal detecting.

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