50% of Something is Better Than 100% of Nothing!

In our hobby, there are many individuals who protect “their” sites better than the gold at Fort Knox! I suppose this is somewhat understandable, and almost instinctive… just as a dog would guard his bone. But who are you fooling?

Sure, by keeping quiet you are protecting your limited number of metal detecting sites for yourself. – And, they are indeed limited. But by shutting-out other detectorists, you have basically put up a wall around yourself.

It would be the same as saying “Everything in my back yard is mine alone to detect.” Well that may be certainly true and within your every right, but wouldn’t it be better and make much more sense to find another detectorist to share “yards” with?

Now, instead of just detecting your yard you can detect another yard as well. – 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing!

This type of “site-swapping” only works when both parties have their “heads screwed on right.” There is absolutely no room for ulterior motives or underhanded moves. In other words, you can’t expect them to take you to their best site(s) if you are not willing to do the same. It has to be an arrangement of sincerity, trust and respect for each other, and each others site(s).

I have been very fortunate in evolving several such relationships, and they have worked exceedingly well. I have increased my knowledge and collection, but most of all, I have gained some remarkable and highly valued friendships. All I had to do was open-up a little and share. – You can do the same! – You have to give in order to receive!

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