Whites MXT Metal Detector Review

Review of Whites MXT Metal Detector

  • Price: Varies by Type.00
  • Adjustable Shaft
  • Optional Coils
  • Target Identification
  • Water Resistant Submersible Coil
  • Full range of discrimination
  •  Recommended Uses – Beach  Hunting, Coin Hunting, Jewelry Hunting, Relic Hunting, Cache Hunting


The white’s MXT Pro is arguably one of the best that White’s has to offer and one of the best of any other Detector in its category. to start off this review The Whites MTX PRO is a very deep seeking, general purpose unit, there is a very small learning curve and as with many of the white’s Detectors it almost ready to go right out of the box with very little adjustments. The pinpoint and auto ground balance is dead on. That with along with a very good response time, and nice large screen makes this a wonderful detector. The MXT Pro has received great reviews as a good mid to high end detector from around the various Metal Detecting forums on the web by long time users, with very little negative to say about it:

Awesome metal detector. I agree it is one of the best ones whites makes and it is what I use

I think it is the best detector that Whites makes

Very affordable and powerful. Simple to use and great all round machine.

All that being said there faults can be found with any machine. The MTX while being well balance is still quite heavy and if you plan  on being out in the field all day a good harness may be in order, also switching the coil to the 5.3 or 6×10 will reduce the waight some. Also it has been reported as being very noisy at times yet sensitive to the small targets. And while the tones are very good and distinctive using it without headphones is not recommended.
The MXT detectors with a proven history of performance and versatility needed to find coins, relics, jewelry, as well as gold nuggets,the frequency (14kHz) makes it much more sensitive to gold then most of the multi purpose detectors, but it must be said the original MXT may have been a bit better at hitting small gold but the extra features on the MXT Pro make it a superior choice. At the end of the day with all the advances put in to the hardware along with different accessory coils available for it, The Whites MXT PRO has over and over been proven to be an excellent, and highly capable detector.


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Whites MXT Metal Detector

Whites MXT Metal Detector

Coin Shooting


    Jewelry Hunting


      Beach Water Hunting


        Gold Prospecting


          Cache Hunting



            • Deep
            • Ease of use
            • Ground Balancing
            • Large Screen
            • Frequency


            • Noisy
            • Heavey
            • Headphones Needed all the time

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