White’s DFX Metal Detector Review

White’s DFX Metal Detector Review

In this White’s DFX metal detector review we are taking a look at another of White’s older units, and though its not one of the newest machines on the market,it still today  takes the job of treasure hunting to a higher  level of technological sophistication. Coins, gold nuggets, relics, and cannon balls – whatever it is that you’re looking for, this detector will can find it like some of the newer other detectors on the market could ever do. With its advanced microprocessor technology and multiple frequency features, White’s DFX metal detector is one piece of equipment that you shouldn’t miss. And for the price they cant be beat for a good used DFX they can be found on eBay form around $400 and up

The Treasure Hunter Depot is always a good source to get the latest metal detector reviews and low down on great products on the market, which is why we are including the White’s DFX metal detector. Both novice and seasoned treasure hunters are raving about this metal detector through their great reviews. Due to it not being a new release detector, you might be a little of skeptic and leaning toward one of the brand new from the dealer Detectors(which is not a bad thing) Well, there’s no better way to cure that than to buy one for yourself or continue reading this to learn more about the product’s salient points.

You might think – since it’s used by serious and experienced hunters – that this metal detector is pretty complicated to operate. You do have to learn about the different modes and options, but that’s really not an immediate requirement. This device is pretty much the ready-to-go type – turn it on and you’re all set for a day of hunting. This is because it already has fully operational preset factory settings, so that beginners will not have to spend time learning about the product before they could actually use it.

The Whites’s DFX’s Multiple Frequency Method

Basically, this will allow the DFX to pick up and send out two separate frequencies (3 kHz and 15 kHz) at the same time, independently, or both when set in discriminating or metal modes. When a signal is detected, it’s interpreted initially by the 3 kHz frequency through conventional means, and then processes it again using the 15 kHz frequency. The microprocessor will display the result from the frequency with the strongest quality. There’s really nothing to worry because no matter what frequency you use, their microprocessor will change it to units you can understand.
Unlike other products, the DFX is able to discriminate 191 elements that are found on their VDI list. This is made possible because of their highly advanced microprocessor that lets you to conveniently allow or eliminate items.
There are other settings and controls that this metal detector has that would greatly help the operator to accurately find any valuable (or non-valuable) items found underground. You can even tell the exact location, depth, and size of the buried object just by making some simple adjustments here and there. With White’s DFX metal detector, there’s no buried item that’s really hard to find.

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