White’s Classic 4 Metal Detector w/ 9.5 Pro Coil

Today we are looking one of  Whites older machines introduced in the 90′s, you can still find Used White’s Classic 4 Metal Detectors in the normal places ebay, craigslist, etc and with a little research you can get this solid Whites powerhouse  for usually a lot less the some of the brand new poorly made entry level detectors.

Focusing on the technical details of these white metal detectors, you can finally find some interesting features such as discrimination and sensitivity controls with pre-set settings for ring and coin ranges, White’s famous GEB Motion Discrimination detects deeper toward mineralized ground, silent search, and trigger switch flips to discrimination.

Other specifications of this product are comfortable counter balanced S shaft with its eighty hours of battery life on a set of eight penlight batteries and this uses 8 AA batteries. Good point of this product is this weighs 3 lbs and its frequency is 4.2 kHz. With 2-year warranty and complete instructions completed for you, are you still doubt of this white metal detectors?

This white metal detectors is easy to use, why? Because this product understands what you expect for. Its all automatic operation gives you full adjustable control over sensitivity and discrimination.
• Discrimination/sensitivity controls settings for jewerly and coin ranges
• Silent search
• Trigger switch discrimination.
•  “S” shaft.
• Ground balance
• 1/4 Inch headphone jack headphones.
•  9″ interchangeable Pro coil,  operating frequency 8.0 kHz

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