Sovereign Digital I.D. Meter Readings – Sunray DTI, Minelab180 AND 550

Below are charts for 3 of the after market digital I.D. meters for the Minelab Sovereign. Meter readings are for the Sunray DTI meter, the Minelab 180 and the Minelab 550. I hope they are helpful and if you have any I.D. meter reading from these or other Minelab Sovereign Digital ID meters please post them in the cements section below or let me know threw my contact page. And keep in mind this is not gospel.. your reading may be a little different “when in doub… DIG IT UP”

Minelab Sovereign Sun Ray DTI Meter Readings

Meter Reading for your Sovereign Sun Ray DTI Meter
U.S. ½ Cent177
U.S. Large Cent180
Silver 3¢ Piece166
U.S. 2¢ Piece177
U.S. 20¢180
U.S $1 Gold129
U.S. $5 gold177
Clad Dime178-180
Clad Quarter180
Copper Pennies,Spanish 1 Reale179/180
Spanish 1/2 Reale176
Spanish 1 Reale180
King George Farthing176
King George Penny180
Colonial Copper180
Australia 10¢148
Australian 20¢164
Australian 50¢169
Australian $2176
Australian large cent180

Minelab Sovereign 180 Digital ID Meter Readings

Meter Readings for Minelab Sovereign 180 digital I.D. Meter
1¢, 10¢, 25¢, 50¢, large cent177-180
Silver Dollar179/180
Indian head, wheat Penny,
½ Dime
$10 & $20 Gold/Lg Gold175-180
$5 Gold & Pull Tab /MedGold
$2.50 Gold/Sm Gold160-164
Nickle, small Gold141-147
Buffalo,Liberty,Shield Nickles137-181
Small Gold jewelry
$1.00 Gold129-132
Foil, Fine Gold like chains etc


Minelab Sovereign 550 Digital ID Meter Readings

Meter Readings for Minelab Sovereign 550 digital I.D. Meter
Rusted JunkLarge Negative Numbers
Foil, Clad Quarters
Clad Nickle495
Buffalo Nick505
Dimes, Silver 50¢, Silv. $1, Copper cent548-550
Shotgun Shell
Spanish 4 reale542-547
Aluminum screw caps537-544
Zinc Penny, 14k ring, Brass Shells535-540
Spanish 1/2 reale528-533
1/2 dime
Large Brass casings515-530
Bottle Caps, Pull tabs480-515
Nickel, Small Rings & Gold
Small to Medium 14k345-348
small 14k &10k white gold328-378

Minelab Sovereign  Digital ID Meters

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