Minelab Eureka Gold vs Fisher Gold Bug 2

Eureka Gold vs. Gold Bug 2

The Fisher Gold Bug 2 does not have auto ground balance, but in tiny-nugget country I could find more gold pieces with it, than with the Eureka . The little Gold Bug has been engineered solely for that task. This means that in previously detected shallow ground you can find more tiny pieces of gold that other detectors were not able to locate. Also, tiny pieces trapped in rock crevices in creeks can best be found with a Gold Bug 2. However when the gold is not too small, fingernail size nuggets or larger, the Eureka Gold will go deeper – substantially deeper – in really hot ground and on big nuggets, and that’s what makes it a better all-round detector.
The Eureka Gold give a staccato signal (brrrt) when it passes over iron, but only at a shallow depth.  The new Gold Bug 2 is different and superior, in that it generally doesn’t signal small iron rubbish at all – much like coin detectors and it discriminates at depth. It is not best to search in this mode, but to test target signals with it.  Even more impressive – this mode also cancels out most hot rocks.  Where I was searching there were several hot rocks every few meters and I was able to confidently pass over these signals without having to dig and check.  Marvelous!  No other VLF detector I have used (including XT series) is capable of doing this.  I realize that some professionals say they dig up every signal and they don’t use discriminators.  Personally, I do use discriminators. If there is a lot of junk metal about I can search an area much faster using discrimination.  The Fisher Gold Bug 2 has a frequency of 71.1 kHz, a discriminator, and also a toggle switch to suit 3 different mineralisation levels.

It’s your choice Minelab Eureka Gold vs Fisher Gold Bug 2

- it amounts to personal preference and the characteristics of your gold field. The greater majority choose the Eureka Gold over the the Gold Bug 2. There is no single detector that is the best in ALL conditions. What about the Minelab Eureka Gold sales?  It is still very much a leader in the under $2,000 race because of its auto-ground balance, its all-round ability, and the fact that it will penetrate deeper and locate all but the very tiny nuggets.


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