When Faster is Better With the Sovereign GT

Fast VS Slow Sweep Speed with your Mine Sovereign GT

A video posted on youtube By “Nightgig” Shows and interesting result with the Sovereign GT coil sweep speed, that pretty well looks like it busts the old “swing slow” rule. In his test garden he runs the GT over clad dimes buried at 8 inches and 9 inches, as he shows when he sweeps the coil over them at a fairly normal to somewhat fastish sweep speed he get a good response and “dig me tone”, however if the slows it down to a slow crawl sweep he receives nothing!, not even a null, It sure looks like a  faster/medium speed coil sweep will do you alot better on the deep targets…. I would love to hear from other Sov. GT users about your experience with slow vs fast sweeps vs depth of finds.

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