Garrett GTI-2500 Review

Review of the Garrett GTI-2500

review of the garrett gti 2500

  • Garrett GT-2500 Price: $950.00- $1000.00
  • Recommended Uses – Coin Hunting, Jewelry Hunting, Relic Hunting, Cache Hunting, Meteorite Hunting

In this Garrett GTI-2500 review we look at a feature rich, high end metal detector by Garrett, which is particularly good at detecting coins. It is known for its large LCD display, which gives the user a superb visual indication of what’s being detected, and the ability for true depth analysis.

Because of its versatility, it can be quite difficult for less experienced users to appreciate the 2500. Many people report that they don’t get good results because they haven’t not programmed it correctly for their requirements.

Out of the box it is a perfect coin hunter, though it is just as capable of finding jewellery and other relics, as well as gold nuggets. This is accomplished with its 7.2 kHz adjustable frequency, and a 9.5″ or 12.5″ imaging search coils. There are 8 overall detection frequencies.

Not only does it discover the target’s depth and properties, but it will also image the target’s actual size via the display, with a sharp audio response as well. This means you can easily discard bottle caps and rusty old screws without having to dig first.

It’s 6 operating modes include Coins, Jewellery, Relics, All Metal, Zero, and custom settings for the most experienced users. You can change its sensitivity and threshold, as well as tone and volume.

The Garrett GTI-2500 is a heavy detector at 4.6 lbs, but this is a fair trade off for its impressive display. It does include a padded arm rest which can make all the difference on a long day hunting.

Overall this has most of what you could want from a metal detector, but it may be overwhelming for beginners. What makes it really stand out is its ability to reach depths of 12.5″, and its high quality visual display. Experts will also appreciate the option to fine tune detection.

While you can easily get by on more mid-level Garrett detectors (we are looking at you AT-PRO and Ace 400), if you have the budget, you should definitely consider the Garrett GTI-2500

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Garrett GTI-2500

Garrett GTI-2500

Meteorite Hunting


    Coin Shooting


      Jewelry Hunting


        Gold Prospecting


          Relic Hunting



            • Imaging/Size Feature
            • Deep Seaking
            • Easy to read display
            • Large Screen
            • All metal Mode


            • Can Be Heavy
            • Can over rely on Imaging Feature
            • Hard to program
            • Steep Learning Curve
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