Garrett GTI 1500 Price and Review

Garrett GTI 1500 Review

For The Garrett GTI 1500 price you get a tough little detector that cant be beat for coin or relic hunting.

  • GTI-1500 Price Range – $679.95
  • Recommended Uses – Coin Hunting, Jewelry Hunting, Relic Hunting, Cache Hunting


The Garrett GTI 1500 Metal Detector

The little brother to the GTI 2500 with the only differences that I have noticed from the 1500 is it does not that an All Metal Mode as the 2500 does and its a bit lighter then the 2500. Garrett has given the GTI 1500 Graphic Target Imaging (GTI) and Garrett says “shows true target size and depth” and Graphic Target Analyzer (GTA) that “identifies target’s conductivity”. The imaging and size features are very helpful. Actually I have to say the sizing feature is awesome, as long as you don’t rely on it to much, once ya get beyond 8 to 10 inches don’t trust on the “size imaging”, deeper coins or junk metal gives off a larger halo and messes with the imaging. It has 5 different sizes in its display after hitting a target if you stick to just digging A B or C you may end up missing a good target.  Another nice feature is the “Jewelery Mode” I tended to use it all the time when  coin shooting and it worked well, yes you may ended up digging a few more pull tabs and bottle tops (they will by the way show up on imaging as a COIN) but you wont have to worry about discriminating out gold.  There have been quite a few that have had success on the beach or even in shallow surf as you can fully submerse the the coil, but the control box is not waterproof. That being said in my experience it did not do well on the beach, it had a lot of trouble in the highly mineralized sand, and becomes very noisy and chattery near the water line. I would not recommend the detector for beach or salt water detecting. But for hitting the parks and woods its a tough competitor. No the bad news this detector has been discontinued by Garrett, maybe they will introduce a new Imaging detector soon to replace it. In the mean time you can still find it on amazon from time to time when you do I would  not wait to long if its a machine you want or it may be to late!

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Garrett GTI 1500

Garrett GTI 1500

Coin Shooting


    Jewelry Hunting


      Beach Water Hunting


        Gold Prospecting


          Cache Hunting



            • Imaging/Size Feature
            • Price
            • Light
            • Jewelry Mode


            • Trouble on the Beach
            • Can over rely on Imaging Feature
            • Discontinued
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