Garrett AT Pro Review

Our Garrett AT Pro Review

Garrett AT Pro review

  • Price Range - $535.46-$594.95 
  • Recommended Uses – Beach/Fresh Water Hunting, Coin Hunting, Jewelry Hunting, Relic Hunting


The AT Pro (AT standing for “All Terrain”)
is Garrett’s entry in to the Saltwater, Freshwater, Beach & Land combo detector arena. Its a totally submersible detector detector rated for up to 10 feet(3 meters) deep in both fresh and saltwater.

The AT Pro will ground balance to saltwater
and is all around high quality  beach and swallow
water detector. But it does not stop at just
beach or lake hunting. Many of the reviewers
have had plenty of success with coin shooting
and relic hunting on dry ground. However some
have had issues the depth indicator not being
up to par with some of the other top end
machines. As with any new detector it takes a
little getting used to but you should be
getting over the growing pains by the end of
your second or third hunt and close to
mastering it after you get 40 to 50 hours
under your belt with this little Garrett.
There are no doubt much better water land
combo detectors out there but your not going
to find any in the category of the Garrett

At-Pro in mid $500s range like this on is. If
you are looking for a mid tier water detector
but not wanting to spend in the 4 digits for
one, then you should take hard look at  Garrett AT Pro

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Garrett AT Pro

Garrett AT Pro

Coin Shooting


    Jewelry Hunting


      Beach/Under Water


        Gold Prospecting



          • Submersible
          • Saltwater Ground Balance
          • Price Price and...Price!!
          • All Terrain


          • Depth indicator is a bit Flaky
          • Pinpointing takes some practice
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