The Garrett ACE 400 Review and Breakdown

The long awaited Garrett ACE 400 arrived just a little over a year ago, and the reviews are in and are pretty impressive!  Beginners and experts have found a lot to be happy about in this upgraded version of the famous Garrett ACE 350. Metal detector enthusiast from all backgrounds and experience levels that were already thrilled with the 350 were even more so when we found the ACE 400 will wreak havoc on its predecessor as it performs better. If you're wondering what's new on the 400? And if it's a better detector than the ACE 350? Or what are the advantages of the 400 performance level ...? 
After having reviewed
and tested it in detail, we are here to answer all your questions.

Garrett Ace 400

Why choose the Garrett ACE 400?


Garrett has released two versions of the Ace 400 there is very little differences in the detectors:

  • ACE 400i for export to European market among others

  • ACE 400 in the US market.

The 400 from Garrett was released in April 2016. This medium range detector is powerful and will be able to find deep targets . Thanks to its 8.5" x 11" DD PROformance submersible search coil, the deep targets are easily found. The DD search coils have the characteristic of penetrating into the soil with ease. So you will be digging more often vs using a classic coil . The design of the 400 is very similar to what Garrett has already released with its ACE metal detector series. This is a lightweight metal detector, that comes in at just 2.9 lbs. (1.32 kgs.) and will be a perfect fit for any type of treasure hunter, even the youngsters will not feel like they are walking with an anvil. For comfort during search, the armrest gives a good hold and the rod does not show any movements thanks to the clamping ring. The ACE 400 is reliable and robust as a whole.


The simple to use the Garrett 400 comes with a very explicit booklet for the novices treasure hunter, but really this detector in a turn on and go machine, thanks to being powered by its 5 versatile and competent search modes. If you do much hunting with a group of other detectors, the frequency offset will be the most suitable option to avoid interference with other devices that operate on the same frequency as the Ace 400, whose basic search frequency is calibrated to 10 KHz.  Though uncommon, this frequency has undeniable assets. First, the stability of VLF detectors with the lowest frequencies is maintained. Secondly, by rising a little in frequency, the sensitivity of the device on the small target is increased. Mineralized soils are very workable without dealing with screaming and fireworks sound.

The ACE 400 Control options and technical settings.

ace 400 control box

The ergonomic control box will be familiar to users of any of the Garrett yellow boxes. The LCD display provides a complete display, and the information found on it is robust and useful

First, the conductivity index can be read from 00 to 99. This valuable tool makes it possible to visually perform a first analysis of the target before digging. The higher the index, the more conductive the target is (example silver often indicates between 82 and 92). Conversely, a low numerical indication indicates that the target is probably of little or no interest (example small ferrous, rusty nail, index around 6/12).But be cautious because the value indicated also depends on the size of the object. It is always the best practice to dig all signals when first starting out with a new detector no matter what you experience level is.  After a few hours of practice, and getting comfortable with your detector you can get a little more confident and will less likely to be deceived and you will be able to distinguish good signals from bad ones. At the top of the screen, We see another small cursor that moves from left to right depending on the target. It comes in addition to the index in the center of the LCD display.

The 5 modes of detection are visible on the left side of the screen. From all metals (Zero-Disc) to Coins (coins), Jewelry (jewelry), Custom (custom) and Relics (relics). To this is added a static mode with the pinpoint function. This option is ideal for accurately centering the buried object under the coil. The pinpoint avoids unneeded digging for the target.

For ease of searching, the Garrett 400 is equipped with multi-tone analysis. This option is particularly appreciated by most detectorst. With 3 different sounds, the user can get an idea of their interest in the target just by hearing the device beep. You can also set the sensitivity of the 400 to 8 levels. In the bottom left, the screen shows the battery charge level, this will avoid unpleasant surprises during detection. Tip, try to always have a set of new batteries at hand or at least in the car, it avoids some frustrations. The Garrett 400 works with 4 AA batteries of 1.5 volt, in normal use you can get about 25 hours of hunting of them. To the right of the LCD screen, the indication of the probable depth of the target.

In the field, the Garrett ACE 400 offers features and performance that are surprising to be find on a mid-range detector. The discrimination range is spread out to perform highly focused and precise searches. In addition, the recovery speed of the 400 is good, and gives the user a much better chance of hearing the light toes when flying over a target. The Notch function is also present, it is used to mask the signal of a particular type of target (perfect if you want to hide the rusty nails at an old house site or the cans and pull tabs on the beach). In the finer settings, it will be possible to precisely adjust ferrous discrimination range (Iron Audio). You will be able to adjust the volume of the ferrous in the audio answer and allow yourself to hear certain sounds while eliminating some others.

Garrett ace_400 review photo

What are the differences between the ACE 400 and ACE 350?

The GARRETT ACE 400 is the successor of the ACE 350. The design and look is close. But this detector turned out to be a lot more then just a repackaged update of the 350

We find the same 8.5" x 11" PROformance submersible DD search coil already present on the Garrett AT series detectors, as well as 5 modes of search but we add the frequency shift on the 400. The biggest difference is on the display, with the conductivity index, there is a significant improvement, it was highly anticipated!  Moreover, the ACE 400 has a revised and corrected audio response. We hear more the famous bell sound hat we all love! The notch and pinpoint functions are still there. On the other hand, the improvement of discrimination will appeal to the most demanding prospectors. When the detector was tested with a silver and ferrous (nails) nearby the discrimination played its role perfectly well. It will pull out the target with out hearing the nails, and the response time is good, as long as you are sweeping normally, you are able to distinguish the sounds even if the targets are almost glued to the trash.

Finally level performance, we saw a slight change. The brand announced a revolution going from 8.5 KHz on the 350 to 10 KHz on the 400. I admit that this frequency may be ideal for a beginner detector because in addition to being stable, it will be sufficiently selective and yet penetrating enough to get good performance in the vast majority of the grounds. By increasing by 1.5 KHz, the big difference is mainly on the type of soil hunted . A mineralized soil is more workable with this new metal detector than with the old version.

-garrett-ace-400 shaft

Last point that was very well received on the 400 compared to the ace 350, it is the shaft. Clamping rings were positioned to avoid even the slightest play during the swing and makes the rod more robust. The ACE 400 draws a new line in the sand between itself and its predecessor.

Features of the Garrett ACE 400:

Features ACE 400
Land types Forests, fields, dry sand beach, mineralized soils
Frequency 10 KHz
Coil 8.5″ x 11″ DD
Target ID Visual and audible 
(conductivity index)
Discrimination Yes
Multi-tones Yes
Ground Effect Adjustments Pre-set
Headphone jack Yes
Power Supply 4 AA 1.5 V batteries
Hunt time
About 25 hours
Shaft Removable in 3 parts 
(clamping rings)


Our opinion on the Garrett ACE

Stable performance in the forest, on paths, in fields and meadows, on a dry sand beach The Garrett ACE 400 is unquestionably better than the ACE 350!

The Garrett ACE 400 is one of best advancements in the mid range metal detector arena. I could not wait to see what would change. Initially I believed it was big marketing campaign, but only changing small insignificant things. But afterward, I must admit that Garrett hit a home run with this detector, the 400 is a detector that will suit both beginners and experienced amateurs. The price of the ACE 400 is very reasonable, it is a very good stepping stone towards the more technical detectors, and I would advise most hunters looking move up in to a mid range metal detector to start there research with it. Without costing a fortune, it offers many functions and is very effective Its ideal to detect almost everywhere, it is easy to use and has all the qualities that one wants out of a mid range unit. It is very powerful and will suffice for the needs of the hunter who seeks a good compromise between the ease of use (without being over simplistic), the characteristics of detectors that are much more expensive and the have the ability to find deeply buried targets.



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