Fisher F75 Metal Detector Review


  • Price$930.00 – $952.77
  • Recommended Uses -  Meteorite Hunting, Coin Shooting, Relic Hunting, Beach Hunting,


We already knew the Fisher F75 was a great machine. Now it’s world famous as the detector of choice for the cable hit The Meteorite Men. If you’ve watched the show, you know they find a lot more than meteorites on the way and really how often does a metal detector rate as a main character on TV? We’re guessing these guys have put in more detecting hours than just about anyone so if they still like it after that you know it will be a solid detector not only for just meteorite hunting but also most other aspects of detecting from coin hunting to civil war relic digging. However on the Gold prospecting side it comes in a little lacking. Now if you got a quality after market small elliptical coil and proper settings you can have some success.  However  The Fisher f75 settings for the most part just does not have the gain that a good nugget detector has or the proper frequencies for it.  The F75 can be sensitive,and to be honest they chatter if you run them hot, with powerful units like these, start out with low settings and work up into the higher ranges as you get more comfortable.

Read more about  a couple of  Fisher’s more budget friendly detectors in our write up about the Fisher F4 vs. Fisher F2 where we compare these 2 sub $500 category detectors

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Fisher F75 Metal Detector

Fisher F75 Metal Detector

Coin Shooting


    Relic Hunting


      Jewelry Hunting


        Beach Hunting


          Gold Prospecting



            • Powerful
            • Deep Seaking
            • Multi Use Detector
            • Settings


            • Noisy
            • Learning Curve
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