Fisher F4 vs. Fisher F2 Metal Detector Video Reviews and Field Tests

 Fisher F4 vs. Fisher F2


Below are a few pretty good ehh “OKAY” video field tests and reviews of the Fisher F4 vs. Fisher F2  The F4 boasts a quality visual discriminator, an easy to read and on the fast side target sampling, a waterproof coil, light weight, and pinpointing that is spot on. However most of that can be said of the F2 as well, and when you look at the Fisher F4 and Fisher F2 side by side  it has to be said the Fisher F4 looks to have the same horsepower as the Fisher F2… all be it with more bells & whistles on top of basically the same circuitry, But when the F4 ($399.00 with 4.7 STARS out of 5)  comes in at close to double the Price of the F2 ($215.00 also with 4.7 STARS out of 5) then the lower Range f2 detector looks like a much sweeter deal



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