Treasure Found In Utah

Utah Treasures

by Catfish5

I enjoy treasure hunting hunting the Salt Lake City area. While the sites I talk about in this article are specific to my area, the techniques can be used by anyone anywhere.

Treasure hunting utahThere are days when I will just drive throughout the city looking for a site where a grader has moved some dirt. This city dates back into the 1800s and I have had extremely good luck using this method. Some sites are fenced off and you will need permission from the construction crew to hunt it but I have found many that were open and just waiting for me and my detector to search them.

Some of the items I have recovered include tokens, Mormon coins, Barber and Seated silver coins, gold rings, watch fobs, locks and other artifacts dating back to the founding of the city. And don’t forget to bring along your shovel and bottle probe as many of the sites will also produce a nice assortment of old bottles from dump sites on the lots. A warning about hunting in downtown Salt Lake City (which probably applies to most large cities) – hunt with a partner as gang activity has become a problem in our city.

We also have quite a few ski resorts that will let you hunt the sloes if you ask first and fill in your holes. Some of these resorts go back 60 years or so and the amount of silver that has been recovered is quite impressive. (Not to mention jewelry and other items).

Now I’m sure that some of you have dreamt of hunting a ghost town but before you get too excited, there are a few things you need to know. Utah has quite a few ghost towns however, if the state or BLM has declared it a historic site, you had better keep out. The fines are VERY steep! You could loose your vehicle, detector and who knows how much in court costs. Unfortunately, a handful of greedy artifact hunters ruined it for everyone by robbing Indian grave sites a few years ago. Now we all have to pay the price for their actions!

Well, I hope some of these ideas work for you, and if you’re ever in the Salt Lake City area maybe I’ll run into you at a construction site or ski slope…..

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