Silver Dime lost by my mom as a child is my Best Find EVER

Ok fist off this story happened exactly 4 years ago today. And this was truly my fist ever silver find, since then I have found many other silver coin and also found a lot of really cool stuff, from a Morgan sliver dollar to gold rings, but this remains my best Metal Detecting find ever…..oh and this particular find was lost by my mother years ago as a child.

Metal Detector Finds

My Silver Merc

First a little back story on the location I was hunting, it was the old home-site built by my grandfather who passed in 1974 and my grandmother who passed away a few yeas back at 101 years old. The house itself burned in the late 80s during a storm and as a “clean up” a very large hole was dug and the remnants of the house and everything around it were pushed in and covered over, so the hunting area was limited as it was on a small lot and the hole took up most of the property that the house wasn’t siting on. The only place that I knew hat wouldn’t have been too manipulated/contaminated by the clean up was a small area with a couple old tress in the front of the lot between where the house had been and the road. After hitting this spot pretty hard for about an hour and digging a lot of signals the were trash and none of the “family relics” I had been looking for I got a nice solid non wavering sound from my explorer. So after pinpointing I cut a nice little cone shaped plug and as I pulled it out it broke in half and there set my first silver(I wish I had got a pic of it setting in the plug and wish the one filed pic I did get wasn’t blurred) I was excited but didn’t really think about the significance of it (or the significance that I have now assigned it in my mind). I continued hunting for a while that day and have gone back sever times over the last few years but never turned up anything else of note. A few weeks later while talking to my mother it came up and I told her of the find and where I had found it on the property, she said “well that’s my dime!”. As it turns out from her story when she was in elementary school, once a week, just before she ran out to get on the bus she was giving a single old dogdime by my grandfather to take school. She told me of a trail leading from the front door (that was about the only time front was used as the family and most company came in to the kitchen threw the back door) down to the ditch and to the road were the driver would pick her up. She even all these years later remembered losing her dime a few times, because well it was a very BIG deal back
then, they were a poor working family and “you didn’t get to run back to daddy say you lost your dime and ask for another” As I began thinking about it more, that dime took on a bigger meaning to me as I thought about my mother as a little girl looking for a dropped dime as her bus drew nearer, the value of what she lost, and thinking about how hard my grandfather had to work to earn that dime and even though they had very little to still give it to his little girl so she would get to have something shiny in her pocket and along the way teach her the value of things. So there’s my story of my first silver… there is nothing really special about this little 1941 Merc, its not rare, not a low mintage or an error, and to everyone else its worth noting more then the sliver its made from, and more then likely I am being overly sentential about it, and you may think I am acting a bit childish making such a big deal about it, but to me its the coolest coin in my collection and probably one of the best detector finds I will ever have.


My Grand Parents my Mom and my Uncle

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