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What’s Your Swinging Technique?

One day I was sitting on a bench on the boardwalk along the beach, off in

Hunting for Meteorites With A Metal Detector Tips

Tips for Metal Detecting  Meteorites It is best when metal detecting for Meteorites to use a

A Time & Place for Metal Detector Headphones . . .

Metal Detector Headphones – When NOT to Use I have found that I prefer to use


THE DISCRIMINATING DETECTORIST -R E T H I N K! Among detectorists today there are those

Take Time To “Read” Terrain

 Using Your Metal Detecting Experience and Knowledge I think we can all recall some rather disoriented

Solving the trash problem – Test Garden & Trash Garden

Solving the trash problem….You have a Test Garden now start a Trash Garden The more that

Hunted Out – Your Spot or Your Detector?

Slim Pickings: Is it Your Spot That’s Hunted Out or Your Detector?   Most people reading

Fisher 1266-X Metal Detector Tips

1266-X Fisher Detector Tips, Tricks, and Advice        Tips to make your Fisher 1266x

Minelab Sovereign and Excalibur Target Tones & Sounds

If you are wanting to get to know the sounds and tones on your Minelab Excalibur

Whites MXT Tips -The MXT Edge book

The MXT Edge book is a must for anyone who owns a White’s MXT weather you