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Finding Early-Date Silver Coins

This Coin Hunting post deals with finding early-date silver coins at sites that many treasure hunters

Take Time To “Read” Terrain

 Using Your Metal Detecting Experience and Knowledge I think we can all recall some rather disoriented

Where To Go Metal Detecting

Where To Go Metal Detecting Chances are if you own a metal detector you have asked

OLD GOLD – Stashes and Caches

Old Caches Of Gold CAN still be found Metal Detecting Tales from the piney woods east

Looking for Some Innovative New Detecting Sites?

Several treasure hunters have commented on the tips obtained through the various articles on the site

4th Of July and The Day After Fun

July 4th  and The  Metal Detecting Bonanza Once every year the goose lays the golden egg.

Metal Detecting Old Homes – How I get permission

Getting Permission To Metal Detect I never thought of myself as being the aggressive type that knocks

Locating Primitive Campsites

Locating and Metal Detecting Primitive Campsites for Fun and Relics If you want to find an

Follow the crowds

Follow the crowds, yes More is still Better One of the biggest mistakes that I made

Tips For Metal Detecting Home Sites

Metal Detecting Old Home Sites Tips Some conversation was kicked up earlier tonight that made me start