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Locating Primitive Campsites

Locating and Metal Detecting Primitive Campsites for Fun and Relics If you want to find an

Fisher 1266-X Metal Detector Tips

1266-X Fisher Detector Tips, Tricks, and Advice       ┬áTips to make your Fisher 1266x

Minelab Sovereign and Excalibur Target Tones & Sounds

If you are wanting to get to know the sounds and tones on your Minelab Excalibur

An In Depth Look at Metal Detectors Depth Deception….wait what?

Metal Detectors Depth – Facts Rumors and Falsehoods More false information has clouded the issue of

Follow the crowds

Follow the crowds, yes More is still Better One of the biggest mistakes that I made

Tips For Metal Detecting Home Sites

Metal Detecting Old Home Sites Tips Some conversation was kicked up earlier tonight that made me start

What Is A Pulse Induction (PI) Metal Detector?

Ever wondered What exactly Is A Pulse Induction Metal Detector? One of the questions we see

Think like a Civil War General

Yes its time to Think Civil War General When Searching for CW Relics To locate the

Sovereign Digital I.D. Meter Readings – Sunray DTI, Minelab180 AND 550

Below are charts for 3 of the after market digital I.D. meters for the Minelab Sovereign.

Rain, Rain, Go Away….(Good Places to Metal Detect)

  Rain, Rain, Go Away . . . . (and give up those hidden coins) Have