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Metal detecting for Meteorites

Meteorite Hunting and Detecting Before you toss that strange black rock that your metal detector hit

Treasure Diveng Equipment and Gear Time

Looking for New Treasure Diving Equipment? With the warm weather upon us – the treasure diving

Looking for Some Innovative New Detecting Sites?

Several treasure hunters have commented on the tips obtained through the various articles on the site

Whites Surfmaster PI Tips and Tricks

Hints, Tricks, and Tips to get the most out of your White’s Surfmaster PI and to

Solving the trash problem – Test Garden & Trash Garden

Solving the trash problem….You have a Test Garden now start a Trash Garden The more that

4th Of July and The Day After Fun

July 4th  and The  Metal Detecting Bonanza Once every year the goose lays the golden egg.

Pulse vs VLF Water Detectors

The Best Water Detector Pulse vs VLF I remember when I first thought that I would

Hunted Out – Your Spot or Your Detector?

Slim Pickings: Is it Your Spot That’s Hunted Out or Your Detector?   Most people reading

Metal Detecting Old Homes – How I get permission

Getting Permission To Metal Detect I never thought of myself as being the aggressive type that knocks

Identifying Gold, Silver, and other Precious Metals

Gold, Silver, and other Precious Metals you may find Metal Detecting After a day gathering your