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Cache Hunting and Two-Box Detectors – GTI 2500

Deep Targets With Cache Hunting and Two-Box Metal Detectors – Garrett GTI 2500 Treasure Hound While

Metal Detecting Boy Scout Camps

Boy Scout Camps Offer Good Coin Hunting Metal Detecting Opportunities Metal detecting at Boy Scout camps

Water Hunting – Productive Sites for Treasure!

Beach and Shallow Water Hunting  РTry Those Informal Sites for Treasure! Most water hunters make

A Time & Place for Metal Detector Headphones . . .

Metal Detector Headphones – When NOT to Use I have found that I prefer to use

Finding Early-Date Silver Coins

This Coin Hunting post deals with finding early-date silver coins at sites that many treasure hunters


THE DISCRIMINATING DETECTORIST -R E T H I N K! Among detectorists today there are those

Take Time To “Read” Terrain

 Using Your Metal Detecting Experience and Knowledge I think we can all recall some rather disoriented

Where To Go Metal Detecting

Where To Go Metal Detecting Chances are if you own a metal detector you have asked

OLD GOLD – Stashes and Caches

Old Caches Of Gold CAN still be found Metal Detecting Tales from the piney woods east

DIY Sand Scoops

DIY Homemade Sand Scoops -Project Plans, Pictures, and Videos Working sandy beaches or shallow water with