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50% of Something is Better Than 100% of Nothing!

In our hobby, there are many individuals who protect “their” sites better than the gold at

What’s Your Swinging Technique?

One day I was sitting on a bench on the boardwalk along the beach, off in

More On The Best Beach and Sand Scopps

Beach & Water Hunting The Best Target Recovery Sand Scoops When beach and shallow-water hunting, the

Offer Your Locating Skills to Access New Sites

How many of you have seen a promising looking site such as a pay-to-swim beach or

Looking for New Sites? How About Running An Ad?

This edition will cover a technique that I first heard about from a fellow metal detecting

Where Is All The Treasure In Florida?

Many metal detecting treasure hunters travel to warmer climates during the cold winters and Florida is

Looking for Productive Sites to Detect?

Want  to  Find Productive Metal Detecting Sites to Hunt? – Try the History Books!  All to

Water Hunting Treasure Zones

Water Hunting Treasure Zones Several people visiting the site recently have asked me where the best

Old Railroad Lines Hold Lost Valuables

One of my favorite (and productive) sites to metal detect over the years has been abandoned

Hunting for Meteorites With A Metal Detector Tips

Tips for Metal Detecting  Meteorites It is best when metal detecting for Meteorites to use a