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Treasure Diveng Equipment and Gear Time

Looking for New Treasure Diving Equipment? With the warm weather upon us – the treasure diving

Whites Surfmaster PI Tips and Tricks

Hints, Tricks, and Tips to get the most out of your White’s Surfmaster PI and to

Minelab Sovereign and Excalibur Target Tones & Sounds

If you are wanting to get to know the sounds and tones on your Minelab Excalibur

An In Depth Look at Metal Detectors Depth Deception….wait what?

Metal Detectors Depth – Facts Rumors and Falsehoods More false information has clouded the issue of

What Is A Pulse Induction (PI) Metal Detector?

Ever wondered What exactly Is A Pulse Induction Metal Detector? One of the questions we see

Sovereign Digital I.D. Meter Readings – Sunray DTI, Minelab180 AND 550

Below are charts for 3 of the after market digital I.D. meters for the Minelab Sovereign.

Whites MXT Tips -The MXT Edge book

The MXT Edge book is a must for anyone who owns a White’s MXT weather you

Minelab X-Terra 505/705 Gold Prospecting Settings

Try these settings on your Minelab X-Terra 505 705 For gold prospecting Gold Prospecting Not much