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Finders Keepers? Ethical Considerations OF Metal Detecting

The idea that we can purchase a metal detector and find lost objects has a strong

Fighting Trash When Metal Detecting Parks

Common Sense Approach To Metal Detecting (trashy) Parks The first and best way to combat the trash

Wireless Metal Detector Headphones For Under $25 – (D.I.Y and Ready Made)

How To Add Wireless Headphones To Any Metal Detector Have you ever get tied up in

Question ? What do most Relic Hunters want in a high potential site?

Answer!  About one foot of top soil removed. There are many ways to accomplish this without

A Day in the Life of a Treasure Hunter

The following time-line, while purely fictitious, has probably happened at least in part to many of

Tips On Finding Ghost Towns And Other Old Landmarks

Today I’m going to show just how easy finding old landmarks and structures to metal detect

Localized Metal Detecting – Adjust Your Perception Not Location

When we get our first metal detector we want to start by finding something interesting and

Metal Detecting Newer (young) Sites

Hunting New Sites . . .Like most coinhunters I had rather hunt older sites where the

A Guide to (Offline) Treasure Hunting Research

Offline Research (yes this means NOT using the internet) With the almost daily advances of internet


“How many did you get?” I asked my treasure hunting partner, Rick. He quickly replied, “I’ve