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Short Stories of Lost Wedding Rings Found With a Metal Detector

It’s upsetting to lose something precious to you ­ especially something like your wedding or engagement

Selling Your Metal Detecting Finds

 The collecting element of Metal Detecting introduces the emotive subject of selling or buying finds. Selling

Treasure Found in New England

New England Treasures by Dick Hayes Heres a story that will perhaps bring a smile to

A Hoard of Roman Coins -Detector Makes Dream Come True

 Metal Detector Makes Dream Come  True With The Finding of  An Ancient  Hoard of Roman Coins

Treasure Found In Utah

Utah Treasures by Catfish5 I enjoy treasure hunting hunting the Salt Lake City area. While the

Maybe The Best Detecting Find Video EVER Huge Cache of Silver Coins

  WOW this guys find is absolute amazing, the type of stuff metal detector treasure hunters

$100,000 Cache of Silver Bars Found by Metal Detector!!…Probably not

Minelab’s CTX-3030 Mexico Cache of Silver Bars a Hoax? A testimonial titled “Minelab CTX 3030 unearths

WWII Hand Grenade Found While Metal Detecting

Wow! An amazing find by Deep Digger Dan, but this one is a WWII  hand grenade  found while metal detecting

Silver Dime lost by my mom as a child is my Best Find EVER

Ok fist off this story happened exactly 4 years ago today. And this was truly my

Lucky S.O.B. Finds Colonial Gold With a Garrett Ace 250

All I can say is Awesome! this story was posted on Treasurenet the lucky guy didn’t