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Wireless Metal Detector Headphones For Under $25 – (D.I.Y and Ready Made)

How To Add Wireless Headphones To Any Metal Detector Have you ever get tied up in

Winter Metal Detecting Gear

Just when you have decided that its all over for another year and the winter blues

Garrett Pro Pointer Review

Handheld Pinpointers have proven to be one of the most valuable tools you can use in

More On The Best Beach and Sand Scopps

Beach & Water Hunting The Best Target Recovery Sand Scoops When beach and shallow-water hunting, the

Cache Hunting and Two-Box Detectors – GTI 2500

Deep Targets With Cache Hunting and Two-Box Metal Detectors – Garrett GTI 2500 Treasure Hound While

A Time & Place for Metal Detector Headphones . . .

Metal Detector Headphones – When NOT to Use I have found that I prefer to use

DIY Sand Scoops

DIY Homemade Sand Scoops -Project Plans, Pictures, and Videos Working sandy beaches or shallow water with

Sovereign Digital I.D. Meter Readings – Sunray DTI, Minelab180 AND 550

Below are charts for 3 of the after market digital I.D. meters for the Minelab Sovereign.

Whites MXT Tips -The MXT Edge book

The MXT Edge book is a must for anyone who owns a White’s MXT weather you

Lesche Digging Tool Review – Best Metal Detecting Digging Tool

 Looking for the Best Metal Detecting Digging Tool? Check out our (updated) Review Of  The Lesche