Freshwater Beach Metal Detecting…….the good Coin Hunter’s secrets!

It is a well known fact that in the crowded world of metal detecting, the most popular sites just have to be (1)beachs (2)schools (3)parks & playgrounds (4)old home sites (your own yard). Lets look at beachs….freshwater beaches. It is not an uncommon thing to see folks swinging a detector on beaches here in the East Tennessee Valley. So I am sure that it is the same in your areas. But most of the people that search these beaches are usually amateurs……with not a really good foundation of their detector. Granted…..several beaches get hit by people with a sense of what they are doing. This is going to help you go where they might not have gone.


First off, the most popularly searched part of a beach is the swimming area. Granted….it is a good place to hunt if you are one of the first people there. But usually you are only going to hit a few coins….and maybe a ring….but RARELY! When the water is down (as with most freshwater lakes) you had better get over there quick. This is a time it pays to be the first one there. You get a crack at finding jewelry that swimmers might have lost. Some of these places can produce well in money too. But what do you do when these sites have already been hit? Well, chances are…..that is all the people who have waterproof detectors (see: Garrett’s AT-Pro)have hunted. What about those shade trees above or around the beach? What about the picnic grounds & tables usually under the trees? What about the campgrounds which usually accompany a beach on the lake? Well……I would be willing to bet that nobody has hunted that much at all. Just to give an example of this, I will tell you how much hunters had missed on one particular beach near where I live.

We where at a beach site……with a campground, boat ramp, and picnic grounds next to the beach. We tried hunting the beach & swimming area, but somebody had hunted it pretty much good. So as we where headed back to the truck, I was gradually swinging my coil as I walked across the picnic part of the area….under the shade trees. I got a good signal…..and dug to see a quarter facing me. I searched the immediate area….and found several more coins. So for the next 5 hours, my dad and I hunted this area…… 100 yards long by 65 yards wide. We didn’t hunt it throughly…..but good enough. Actually good enough to come up with $23.70 total in change. That just goes to show what other people walk by. It looked like it had never been hunted. Most of the coins where concentrated near the trees, near the bathrooms, and along the bank off from the beach. This pattern has held up 2 times at 2 different beaches.

Also… addition bonus to look for at fancy beachs…….a grassy area near a coke machine! This will also have bunches of pulltabs…..but just as many coins to make it worth it. That is something else…….the closer you get to picnic tables……the more trash you find. Playgrounds near the beach can look good…..but also probably has been hunted. What about that grassy strip between the beach and playground…..did ya think about that?

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