Wireless Metal Detector Headphones For Under $25 – (D.I.Y and Ready Made)

How To Add Wireless Headphones To Any Metal Detector

Have you ever get tied up in your metal detectors headphones, or had them get hung up and get pulled right off your head? Or when you kneel down to dig a target does your headphone cord tip your detector over or just get in the way of your digging? Well if your like me or many others you said a big YES! Then what you need is a set of wireless metal detector headphones. Even if you don’t own a XP Deus, Spectra V3i, or a CTX3030 there is no need to worry, you can have cordless headphones on you Ace 250 or Explorer or any metal detector made, if it has a headphone jack, then you are good to go. Below I am going to show you how to add “wireless” or “cordless” headphones to any metal detector. And to top it off you wont have to spend a lot of money, you can be up and detecting wireless for under $25.00!!!

Quick and Cheap Wireless Metal Detector Headphones (RF)- Do It Yourself Guide

There are several “builds” to get you going, but the products listed will probably be the route to go if your looking for the cheapest wireless metal detecting headphone setup while still maintaining a very usable wireless detecting experience

DIY Wireless Metal Detector Headphones Set Up: What You Will Need And What It will Cost

wireless headphones for metal detectors

Wireless Handsfree HeadsetHeadphones Earphone


Headphone Jack Adapter 3.5mm to 14 Inch

    • Total Build Cost = $23.68

The FM transmitter is a little gadget that accepts a sound signal and sends it via radio frequency . Some of these plug into your car cigarette outlet, while others are battery powered. To use with your metal detector you’ll want one that runs on batteries. You’ll also want a transmitter that has a standard headphone connection (usually 3.5mm) rather than any specialized connection. The more available channels that the transmitter can send on, the better. This way you can find an “unused” channel for clear reception. I have used Merkury 5-channel transmitter it cost less the $5 but the reviews on Amazon are horrible, though personally I’ve had good luck with it, but I may have just got lucky so I wont be recommending it. The Anpower models on the other hand for the most part seem to be very good quality.

metal detector head phone adaptor

The next item you’ll need is a small set of portable FM radio/headphones combo, or you could go with a small portable FM radio,(smiler to the old Walkman style, only the newer smaller updated units) The good thing about this setup is that will allow you to clip it to your built or slip it to a pocket and swap out head phones as you wish, during winter metal detecting you can go with larger headsets to keep your ears warm, and in the summer you can switch to lighter ear buds.fm transmitter for detector

But for this discussion I will continue talking about the headphone radio combos, a digital set will work best as you can get a good solid lock on the channel. The Granvela A809 Foldable Headphones works well, but I’m sure good results can be obtained with any quality set of wireless headphones. But this is your call, its true any headphones will work, but you’ll want good quality sound, so don’t go TOO cheap on these. There are great HIGH quality phones from ear buds to full ear covering units that wont break the bank.

Now to put it together - Plug the FM transmitter into the headphone jack of your metal detector ( do not forget you’ll will need a 3.5mm to 1/4 inch headphone jack adapter). You might stick the transmitter to the body of your detector with Velcro to keep it out of the way. Whatever works for your detector. With your headphones on, turn the radio on and find an unused frequency. Then turn on the FM transmitter and your detector. Set the FM transmitter to the same frequency as the radio. 

The “Pre-Paired” Plug and Play Wireless Metal Detecting Headphone Option

If you are not in to the mix and match DIY headset options the quick and easiest option is to buy wireless headphones and transmitter packages together. Now surprisingly there are just not as many as options for them that will work for metal detectors the vast majority of the are home theater based systems that requires the transmitter to be plugged in to an outlet. But there are a few out there that work exceeding well for detectorist. The first is the Rapoo H3070 they retail for $41.99 these headphone has been used and talked about extensively on the forums and in the metal detecting community for quite some time, and the general take away, is they are great, the sound quality is very good along with no real problems of lag reported, and for the value are going to be a good bet.


A more premium set are the TDK WR700 Wireless Headphones they come in at just under $160 they also have been used and tested by detectoriest and are considered some of the best wireless that you can get for your detector. They have a superior sound quality and battery life then anything else listed in this guide as well, as being far more comfortable. Unfortunately they have been discontinued by the manufacture however at writing time they are still listed on Amazon.

A Detectorists Video Review Of The Rapoo H3070 Cordless Headphones

A Video Review Of Metal Detecting With The Wireless TDK WR700 Headphones

BLUETOOTH Metal Detector Headphones

wireless metal detector bluetooth headphones Above I described a way to set up any metal detector with wireless headphones using an FM transmitter and a small FM radio receiver be it a portable FM radio or a radio/headphone combination. This section I will talk about another way to add wireless metal detector headphones to any detector via Bluetooth. I need to preface this by saying I’ve never tried this, but it is a feasible option and will provided a better sound quality than the FM method, this is not saying you are losing a great deal with the FM set up, just that the very faint wobbles or tone shifts will be more pronounced with Bluetooth. But along with this advantage, it also must be noted, in the past many detectoist who have used this type of wireless headphone set up for there metal detectors reported a lag time in the the sounds. An example of what I am talking about is when the detector coil passed over a target the “beep” did not reach the headphones until the coil had moved past the spot this obviously would make pin pointing much much more difficult. Ok now those reports are mostly from a few years back sense then there have been updates to the Bluetooth protocals and seaming these issues are no longer such a problem but if you do use this set up you should not go with the older versions of Blootooth, you should look for v4.0 or better (v3.0+ may be ok but you millage may very)

What You Need to Add BLUETOOTH Wireless Headphones To Any Metal Detector

Bluetooth Receiver

 Bluetooth cordless Headphone

Headphone Jack Adapter 3.5mm to 14 Inch

    • Total Build Cost = 43.95

Some web browsing has revealed several models of Bluetooth transmitters that plug into your detectors headphone jack in the same manner the FM transmitter would. Some of the better models include the Breett Bluetooth Receiver3.0 Transmitter – Reviews:4 Stars – 146 reviews $16.99, and, the Miccus Mini-jack TX – Reviews:4 Stars – 1,305 reviews - $29.99, I’ve linked to both on Amazon(aff link). Be sure to research these and any other transmitters. Only one of the reviews I read mentions a lag time, so hopefully as I said earlier this is not coming into play when detecting as much anymore.(that was for a Sony adapter)

Once you have the transmitter, then all you need is a Bluetooth headset or headphones. Tons are available online. One of the best selling and highest rated is the Kinivo BTH240 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones – Reviews:4.2 Stars – Number of reviews: 2,767 price: $24.99

Again, I’ve never tried this but it does seem like a wireless option for those of you that want to sever the cord, but not interested in the Radio Frequency set up the this his kind of Bluetooth wireless headphone set-up works well for metal detecting.

cheap wireless metal detector headphones

That’s it! Just adjust the volume  to a comfortable level and you’re ready to go and enjoy tether-free detecting with your new wireless metal detector headphones.

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