A Time & Place for Metal Detector Headphones . . .

Metal Detector Headphones – When NOT to Use

I have found that I prefer to use my metal detector headphones ONLY when others are present or outside noise conditions make it a requirement (actually I perfer to use my¬†wireless metal detector headphones) . Meal Detecting without the headphones, has really helped me be more attentive and aware of what I’ve found. If your ever searching in an area that consists of stones or gravel, listen carefully. You can actually hear the coin(s) tumbling around amongst the stones when you move the stones with a small trowel.( this will sound like a small piece of glass moving through the stones). I Also find that using a PLASTIC trowel alond with my regular digger will be much better for this “ear to the ground” method. I used this method today when I went out (to a park with a small, empty concession stand sitting on a gravel bed), and in less than an hour, I found three quarters, four nickels, four pennies, and three silver dimes! I have nothing against using my headphones with my detector (especially when others are around), but, …..you’d be surprised how successful and “tuned in” you can be without them.

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