Whites MXT Tips -The MXT Edge book

The MXT Edge book is a must for anyone who owns a White’s MXT weather you have owned it for years and feel you know everything about the MXT, or are just starting out, you should pick up the MXT Edge, it is great source of information and provides a better understanding and more effective use of the White’s MXT detector. Its full of info about the vdi, tips, and can save you a lot of time learning the detector and will absolutely bring the learning curve down. Many MXT detector owners who have read the Edge  talk about “The MXT Edge” book should actually be included as the manual when buying the MXT as there knowledge in the book that you will not see mentioned in the owners manual. The MXT Edge, by Jeff Foster the author who is a embedded software engineering that conducted mineralization tests, and gathered information gained from custom equip. that he built, automated testing systems such as photo-optic equipment to record coil movement, headphone jack on the MXT connected to a PC recording target responses, while the coil movement rate being tracked.Much of the information in the book came from interviews with the lead design engineer. Over all the money spent on this book will be worth every penny you will see results fro the information you will gain and in the long run be a much happier MXT edge user


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