the Best Metal detector reviewsWelcome to Treasure Hunter Depot. Yes, as you’ve probably guessed we love about everything to do with this great hobby. The main aim of our website is to provide detectorists of all levels, from novice right through to professional treasure hunter, with the best metal detector reviews, information, stories, tips and advice.

Obviously, there are numerous metal-detecting review sites online. But, what separates Treasure Hunter Depot’s reviews from the rest, is the depth of research we undertake on the machines and equipment the hobby requires. This enables you to make informed buying decisions, and the confidence that your needs are being met.

In-Depth Metal Detector Reviews

Metal Detecting can be a fun and rewarding hobby, though the task of buying a metal detector can be very confusing. Which metal detector should you buy, Do you need all the bells and whistles…. The questions are endless. That’s where this area of our metal detecting site comes in, you will find honest, unbiased metal detector reviews from hobbyists like yourself that have had experience with the metal detectors they reviewed. It’s not good enough to simply regurgitate what’s already online. Our reviews go beyond that. We scour the internet, the manufacturers’ sites, metal detecting forums, consumer reports and more, to bring you the information you need to know before making a purchase.

Our reviews detail from Warranty to Bonuses, and other important features such as battery requirements, circuitry type, ground balance and search coil shape just to name a few.

And, if you have a price range in mind, a favorite brand, or if you’re looking for a particular type of detector – beach or relic hunting, coin shooting, jewelry, gold prospecting or underwater, and even meteorite metal detectors – we’ve got you covered.

The bottom line is that our reviews can go a long way to helping you find a detector that’s easy to use, suits your particular needs, and most importantly, gives you value for your money!

So, stay tuned. We’ll be adding more metal detector reviews and informative blog posts on a consistent basis. However, if you would like us to check out a machine or accessory that you’re interested in, drop us a line and we will put it on the “to-do” list.

Detector Reviews By Brand

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The Best Metal Detectors

The best metal detectorsIf you looking to get in to metal detecting and looking for the best detector to get you started, then we hope to help you out. To start out we must there is no perfect detector! The best choice for one person is not going to be the same for everyone, there are several factors that need to be looked at (and that we will go in to detail about them the next section). After you have decided the type of metal detector that you are looking for, Its time to narrow it down to the particular detector you need. To help we will review the highest rated and best selling metal detectors in our hobby today, as well as some of the older models that are still some of the best detectors you can get for the money, these will be detectors that have gathered overwhelming positive reviews in every corner of our hobby. Further more in order to to help you determine what is the best metal detector for you (and your budget), we go beyond just metal detector reviews, we also publish articles and blog posts on what not to look for when buying a  detector, and what to NOT to pay, we will do our best to will point in the right direction of deals we feel are worth spending the money on. We we want to help you find the best metal detector that will have you enjoying our hobby as much as we do.

Important Things to Consider When Buying A Metal Detector

Current metal detectors come in a variety of models. However, there are some common things that every person interested in finding the best metal detector will want to check.

  1. Discrimination is the metal detector’s ability to tell you what type of metal you have found. This will prevent you from digging up useless items such as bottle caps, gum wrappers and other scrap metals and focus on the good stuff, like gold and silver.
  2. Calibration allows the metal detector to adjust to the type of soil and terrain that you are working in. If the soil has a high mineral content then the detector will understand this and will not generate false readings. The discrimination circuit can be adjusted to filter out smaller items or specific types of metals, depending on what you are looking for.
  3. Comfort is very important when looking for the best metal detector. This includes the weight of the unit, the length of the shaft and the comfort and support of the grip. Taller people will want to make sure the shaft is long enough to prevent stooping over, which will give you a sore back. If the detector is too heavy it will cause fatigue quickly.
  4. Depth Indication is a very useful feature found on most mid-level metal detectors. You can easily see how deep the detected item is so that you can quickly locate it with your pinpointer.
  5. Battery Life is also an important feature to check. Longer battery life will allow longer metal detecting excursions between charges and is especially important when you want to camp overnight on extended trips.

Decide What You’ll be Hunting

metal detectingGold, silver, coins, rings, bullets, axe heads, buckets, earrings… The list of what you find with your metal detector is almost endless. When choosing a metal detector, you will need to take in mind what you plan on hunting for. Some metal detectors are not suited for finding specific metals, so it’s a good idea to create a list of what it is you plan on hunting for and then finding a metal detector that can find those objects.

  • Beach Combing – People usually think of the beach when they think of metal detectors. Beach combing is just like the name sounds, combing the beach for jewelry and coins. There are many advanced techniques to beach combing that hobbyists use to avoid people, as well as the ever changing tide movements. Whatever techniques people use, the rewards can often be very surprising. It’s not uncommon to find expensive gold chains, watches, rings, earrings daily on popular beaches. Before stepping foot on the beach, make sure you check out my review on how to choose the Best Beach Metal Detector to be certain that the metal detector you’re using is designed for beaches!
  • Underwater Metal Detecting – One of the most exciting places to search for treasure with your Metal Detector can be underwater. For thousands of years ships have been sailing the seas transporting riches from port to port. Unfortunately, many of these ships were not well suited for the treacherous conditions of the open sea and never reached there destinations, losing all of there cargo in the ocean. The fact that you could uncover a chest of gold coins from an old pirate ship drives underwater metal detecorists year after year year to secluded underwater locations. Whether you enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving or diving; adding a metal detector is one sure way to make things more interesting. You’ll find that it is an extremely rewarding hobby and it really allows you to get out and see nature in a whole new way.
  • Coin Shooting -One of the most common ways to use your metal detector is what’s referred to as “coin shooting”. No, you’re not actually shooting coins… Well, in a sense you are but with your metal detector. Coins can be worth a lot of money, especially really old historic coins. It’s not uncommon for serious hobbyists to spend weeks researching sites for there historical value to find rare coins.
  • Relic Hunting – Relic hunting is locating old, vintage, or antique metal items in the ground. hunting outdoors on land such as in the woods, forests, fields and on riverbanks. Relic hunters look mainly for old relics. If they find even an axehead from the colonial days they’re happy. They love finding old iron stuff, and the older the better. They look for Colonial items mostly, and aren’t really interested in anything recently lost. They spend a lot of time doing research, and then they go hunting.
  • Gold prospecting  - Gold prospecting detectors tend to have excellent ground balancing abilities and are often stronger in depth and sensitivity than the coin hunting models, but they generally lack discrimination. Coin & treasure hunting detectors feature advanced and accurate discrimination and target identification abilities, but may not cope well in heavily mineralised ground. Therefore, there is a trade off in performance and features and your detector should have the abilities that you’ll find useful for the area of detecting you intend to spend most of your time in.

What’s My Budget?

budget metal detector detectorThe last thing you want to happen after purchasing a cheap metal detector is have it break, or even worse not detect metal well! This is why the first and most important question that you need to ask yourself is, “what’s my budget?”. When buying a new metal detector, cheaper is almost never better. It’s important to stick with the top reviewed Metal Detecting Brands that have been designing metal detectors for years.

The amount of information that expensive metal detectors theses days can display can be very overwhelming for a beginner.Choosing a metal detector can be similar to picking out a new car. We’d all like to be driving a Ferrari but you’re better off learning how to drive with a Ford Escort. You’re going to get there faster! Your goal is to find the BEST metal detector that is within your budget. In other words, the metal detector with the best cost to performance ratio.

Hobby Or Obsession?

Another thing to think about is your level of interest in metal detecting. Do you just like to go out once in a while, or is detecting an obsession that you do every spare minute? If it’s the latter then you might spring for one of those high priced models as you will surely get the most use out of it for the money. If, on the other hand, you only detect a couple of days a month, you might consider a lower end model, or even a higher end detector that has been used. Most metal detector manufacturers will service their models and bring them back to like new condition.

Of course the best metal detectors are ones that will grow with you as you expand into the hobby so look for metal detectors for sale that can be upgraded as you gain more experience.

Metal Detector Reviews 2017  – Rumors and Speculations2015 metal detector reviews rumors and advances

Over the course of the last year there have been several new and exciting metal detectors, released from manufactures like Garrett, Minelab
and a few others. We are expecting 2017 to be no less exciting. With new technological advances arriving everyday, he are hoping to see some huge strides in the metal detecting industry, and we will be right here ready to cover and report on any new metal detector rumors, announcements and to provide reviews of metal detectors in 2015 and beyond

An Idiots Guide To Buying A Metal Detector

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